About Us

Your Smile Means the World to Us

At The Burlington Dental Centre, we believe that proper oral care and health is a matter of building positive relationships. Not just between you and us, but between you and your mouth.

This might sound odd, but when you think about it, your oral care requires discipline and a conscious effort. Whether or not you’ve kept up with your care through the years or have let it slide, it’s never too late to begin reclaiming that incredible smile you once had.

We’d love the opportunity to help you with that. We offer routine cleanings, preventive care, sedation dentistry, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, implants, dentures, extractions, root canals, and much more.

Our Team

Dr. Nanji and the entire team at The Burlington Dental Centre is ready to serve all of your oral care needs. We know you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a dentist, which is why we have worked hard to set ourselves apart from other dentists in the region.

It’s a privilege to serve you and your family. Nothing brings us greater joy and satisfaction than seeing our clients leave with glowing smiles, an extra bounce in their step, and to hear about how wonderful their rejuvenated smile makes them feel every single day.

Individualized Care

Everyone is different. You’re unique. You deserve to be treated like the special individual that you are. At The Burlington Dental Centre, that’s precisely what happens.

Our friendly staff helps you feel comfortable the moment you walk into our building. We talk to you, get to understand your needs and concerns, and individualize a plan to your desires, needs, and even concerns.

We take the time to understand your health history, current medications you may be taking, and other factors that impact your dental health. Every detail is essential and we take a vested personal interest in making sure you’re comfortable and pleased with every step of the process.

When you first visit The Burlington Dental Centre, you’ll receive a comprehensive initial exam. This will allow us to devise a plan to help you optimize your oral health. We’ll make sure you understand every detail. We are always willing to answer any and all questions you may have about your oral health.

Pain and Stress Free

You have enough stress in your life; your oral health shouldn’t add more to it. Also, a trip to the dentist shouldn’t be something you dread.

We have taken great strides to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for all of our clients. You will be respected through every visit, every procedure, and every step of the process.

We’ve managed to transform a dental visit from being a nightmare into a relatively comfortable and relaxed experience. When you have clean teeth, a brilliant smile, and no more oral health problems, your entire life will feel rejuvenated. It’s an amazing feeling and we can’t wait to share that with you.

A Family Experience

Dr. Nanji is a family man and as such, he and the rest of the staff at The Burlington Dental Centre understand about hectic days and stressful modern life. That’s why we offer appointment times that are molded around your schedule for your convenience.

Transform Your Life

Thanks to the latest technological innovations, we help transform lives with incredible smiles and that instills confidence right from the start. We continually attend seminars, pay attention to the newest equipment and techniques that are being developed, and focus on improving the quality of care for you and everyone in your family.

From general dentistry, emergency care, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, sedation dentistry, and orthodontics, Dr. Nanji and his team have over 20 years of experience.

Discover what a confident smile can do for you.