What food and drinks should I consume to maintain good dental health?

Keep your teeth strong by choosing calcium rich foods such as milk, yogurt and cheese. Get your vitamins: Vitamin C (found in red and green pepper and citrus fruits) and Vitamin D (found in milk) helps your body to absorb calcium and phosphorous which keeps teeth and gums healthy looking. Cola, orange and lime sodas can cause decalcification on the enamel of your teeth. Cola has the highest sugar content and if you drink a lot of it, you may be susceptible to more cavities. Although saliva promotes remineralization, this beneficial effect cannot overcome the damage caused by exposure to soft drinks. So, please choose milk or water to quench your thirst.

Finally, chewing sugarless gum after meals can reduce the rate of dental decay. It increased the flow of saliva to help wash your teeth. After eating a meal, the acidic value of saliva increases. Chewing gum neutralizes your saliva. The maximum effect occurs when gum is chewed three times a day directly after meals. Brushing your teeth after each meal is best but if you don’t have time, chew a piece of sugarless gum!