Everyone strives for astounding oral health, and one sign that your mouth is in impeccable condition is boasting a radiant, white smile. Unfortunately, it’s easy for that white smile to fade as you grow older, but thankfully, there are many things that you can do to reestablish that shade of white you once had. Your smile makes a tremendous impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem and it’s likely the first thing that people notice about you. Now is the time to focus on your oral health and your smile! Here are four tips for maintaining your white teeth.

After Each Meal, You Should Brush Your Teeth

Everyone knows the importance of brushing their teeth 2-3 times a day; however, it’s even more important to brush your teeth immediately after a snack or meal. Brushing shortly after eating is the best way to prevent plaque from formulating and sticking on and in between your teeth. Depending on what you just ate, whether it be a bread-based meal, sugary food or drink, or acidic fruits or candies, brushing after eating/drinking will reduce harmful bacteria from thriving in your mouth and will keep your teeth whiter.

Change Your Toothbrush Bi-Monthly

Purchasing a new toothbrush at least once every two months is critical in establishing proper oral hygiene. For optimal results, you should replace your toothbrush once every month! Unfortunately, what happens is, people will use the same toothbrush for months on end without realizing that they are transferring harmful germs & bacteria from their toothbrushes into their mouths. Ensure that you’re brushing your teeth on a 45° adjacent to your gums and be sure to brush in a circular motion.

Eat Foods That Aid Your Teeth

You know all about the foods that affect the whiteness of your teeth. However, did you know that there are foods that have been known to help keep your teeth clean? An apple a day will keep the doctor away, but they’ll also reduce your risk of tooth discolouration as it works to clear harmful bacteria out of your mouth. Other amazing options that will help keep your teeth healthy & white include, raw celery & carrots, as well as unbuttered popcorn!

Ask Your Dentist About Professional Whitening

Modern dental technology has progressed so efficiently within the last decade that individuals dealing with tooth discolouration now have a viable option when it comes to teeth whitening. Professional whitening services performed by your dentist ensure that your teeth are receiving a balanced treatment so that each tooth receives the same amount of care. Professional whitening treatments also boast a significantly higher success rate as opposed to over-the-counter solutions and will save you money from having to purchase new whitening kits every week.

Your smile directly affects your self-confidence and self-esteem; you deserve to feel good about yourself. If you are dealing with tooth discolouration issues, be sure to contact Burlington Dental Centre for more information!