If you are experiencing the problem of missing teeth and came here searching for a solution, you can thank your stars as we can help you in this regard and solve your problem forever. However, we do not have a readymade solution that can be applied to every patient facing this problem. Denture of every human being is unique and different from others. If you have missing teeth because of an accident or some oral disease, the solution n your case will be totally different from the missing teeth solution for another patient.

It requires close and careful analysis of the condition of the patient during his visit to a qualified dentist to arrive at the solution and the possible course of action to solve the problem of missing teeth. It depends upon the number and location of the missing teeth, the health condition of the gums and the jaw line, and the functionality of the teeth that matters when deciding upon the line of treatment for the problem of missing teeth. Nothing can be said with certainty without first examining the real condition of the patient. This is why it is very important to first fix an appointment by making a phone call to our clinic. Please feel free to call our clinic at (905) 637-3777 or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Abu Sultan. It is only after examining your condition that we can decide on the best solution for the problem of missing teeth in your case.  Here is a brief overview of various solutions for the problem of missing teeth offered at our clinic.

Dental Bridge

Dental bridge is a great solution for the problem of missing teeth if these teeth are in a line in an arch. As the name implies, a dental bridge actually bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth in a line. The bridge is fixed in place and it is supported by the natural teeth of the patient. Bridge can be made for several missing teeth in line but it is also a wonderful solution for a single missing tooth. One good thing with these dental bridges is that they remain affixed inside the mouth of the patient and he is not required to take out and care for them. They look just like the other normal teeth of the patient and thus help him gain his lost confidence because of missing teeth. They are also highly functional as they allow the patient to chew and grind food items just like with natural teeth. The thing to remember with dental bridges is that they are placed over the tooth roots and as such, they are liable to move from their place with changes in jaw line over a period of time. It is a fact that facial bones shrink and become narrow with advancing age. In such a scenario, the dental bridge has to be shifted and adjusted by the dentist according to the convenience and comfort of the patient.

Dental Implants

Dental implant is a term that has gained tremendous popularity among the masses in recent times. So much so that it is almost a household term given that most of the senior adults have undergone this dental technique to overcome the problem of missing teeth. Implant is a method where a metallic rod is inserted onside the jaw of the patient in such a manner that it takes the place of the tooth root and provides the support needed to hold the crown in its place. To be eligible for a dental implant in the jaw, a patient needs to have sufficient density in his jaws so that the implant stays in its place for a long period of time. If this implant is held in place by the jaw, it proves to be a very strong and almost permanent solution for missing teeth. In fact, dental implants have proved to last a lifetime of the patient if he takes proper oral care after undergoing this teeth restoration procedure. With a dental implant, the possibility of any changes in the structure of the jaw goes down, thereby obliterating the need for a second implant in future.


Denture is a good solution for the problem of missing teeth when the number of teeth having been lost is large. At our Burlington clinic, we offer not just the traditional denture solutions to our patients but also the dentures that are supported by implants. In case of implant supported dentures, there is a provision of either ‘ball and socket joint’ or clips in the form of attachment. These attachments allow the patient to remove the denture whenever he needs their cleaning. Thus implant supported dentures are not only strong but also prove to be easier to maintain. They prove to be much better than traditional dentures that are placed with the help of an adhesive. Patients find them to be much more convenient whether he uses them for chewing or biting.

We know which method will work best in your case

With unmatched skills and years of experience behind us, we know which method will work best for the problem of missing teeth in your case. Dr. Abu Sultan have helped hundreds of their clients in overcoming their problem of missing teeth, helping them in gaining their confidence and lost smile back. Dial (905) 637-3777 to fix an appointment with our doctors to know how we can help you in finding the best solution for your missing teeth problem.