Your smile is your best calling card. Therefore, you must maintain your dental health. One of the best dental solutions today is the porcelain veneers. It is designed to correct chipped teeth, severe discolorations, misalignment and mild spaces. It can enhance the function, aesthetic as well as the self-confidence of an individual.

However, the procedure is not advisable in case of traumatic occlusion, poor oral hygiene and severe malposition of the teeth. Primary teeth discolorations can be solved through the whitening process. Some cases need orthodontic treatments before the veneers to prevent extreme preparation and attain the excellent aesthetic result.

Consultation Process

Detailed radio graphic and clinical examinations are needed for the evaluation of your teeth and gums’ overall health. In the initial assessment, the dentist will advise necessary treatments before veneers. These include root canal treatment, fillings, orthodontic treatments and periodontal therapy. The dentist will also discuss your expectations, concerns and clarify the process as well as its outcome.

What Will Be the New Appearance of My Teeth?

The anticipated result is an essential element for success in the cosmetic dentistry. In today’s generation, digital smile design strategies enable us to communicate, understand and meet the expectations of our patients. Patients can see photos of the outcome. Moreover, wax up procedure and mock up can help to simulate the result directly in the mouth. It can also evaluate and make the desired changes.

How Long Is the Consultation Process? When Can I Do the Fitting of Veneers After The Consultation?

The initial consultation can take one hour. Veneers usually require two sessions. In the first session, minimal preparations, place temporary restorations and impressions were made. After 1 to 2 weeks, final restorations will be fitted and tested.

How Can I Maintain My New Veneers?

  • Careful and consistent oral hygiene
  • Dentists recommend wearing your night guard
  • Regular hygienist visits

What are Veneers?

Veneers are custom-made thin shells of tooth-colored materials that are sculpted meticulously. It is bonded to the surface of your front teeth to correct imperfections. They are specially designed to keep the natural look of your teeth.

Porcelain veneers are an exciting cosmetic procedure that can enhance the appearance of your smile and teeth. With this cosmetic technique, you don’t need to put up with stains and gaps in your teeth. It is also helpful to improve crooked or badly shaped teeth. It was routinely used as a solution to misaligned and worn teeth.

With Proper Care and Maintenance, Your Veneers Can Last About Ten Years

Veneers do require few consistent painless dental visits. Meanwhile, with proper care and maintenance, your veneers can last for five to ten years. It is an irreversible procedure that includes eliminating a few amounts of enamel in your teeth for the accommodation of the crafted shell. If you want to avoid staining, you must prevent tea, coffee, and red wine.

To keep a long-lasting veneer, brush your teeth and floss regularly. Keep away from abrasive toothpaste. Visit your dentist for regular dental check-ups. With the latest developments in the cosmetic dentistry, every person can have a sparkling and breathtaking smile that they always dream to have.

With the help of the porcelain veneers, you can stand out in the crowd with your beautiful smile. You can also burst your newfound confidence. Meanwhile, to make the most of your porcelain veneers, you must be wise in choosing a reliable and professional dentist that can meet your needs and expectations.

  • Pros

Porcelain veneers are resilient, strong and comparable to the natural tooth enamel.

  • Cons

This cosmetic dentistry technique can be sensitive. With this, the outcome of the procedure can depend on the expertise and skills of your dentist. Also, make sure that the porcelain veneers are made by a trusted and professional dental laboratory to ensure perfect results.

How Long Does It Take to Create Veneers?

Optimum quality veneers are manufactured in a dental lab within 1 to 8 weeks. For a quality veneer, bonding is used to cement a porcelain veneer to a tooth which makes it as a resistant unit.

How Much Does Veneers Cost?

Each veneer can cost about $800 to $2000, depending on the dentist, treatment plan, and geography.

To sum it up, porcelain veneers are right for you if you know how to maintain and take good care of it.