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Complete Oral Examination: Looking Inside the Mouth

In every dental service, it always starts with a complete oral examination. It is through this examination where dental professionals base their groundwork for all recommendations in the future. It is essential for a dentist to get a clear and close look at your gums and teeth. In the same way, you also need to know about your oral health. A dentist cannot merely perform any procedure or service on you unless you have undergone a complete examination of your mouth. This examination is their way of evaluating your present dental health condition.

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A visit to your dentist twice a year is recommended to ensure your dental health is monitored. People tend to ignore the importance of these visits leading to damage or loss of teeth. Also, other dental and medical condition caused by poor dental hygiene. Unfortunately, a lot of people are intimidated when they hear about visiting a dentist for a complete oral examination. What can you expect from this exam? Why do you need one?

The dental examination will evaluate every aspect of your soft tissues, tongue, airway, muscles on your neck and head, as well as your teeth to undercover and prevent possible problems at the first sign. It is when you can see the signs early on enabling you to stop a problem from getting worse. This way, any gum or tooth issue is treated easier, less painful, and definitely will not cost as much.

What are the processes involved in a Complete Oral Examination?

This comprehensive exam of your teeth takes more than just an ordinary cleaning and looking inside your mouth. These are the things you can expect on when you visit the dentist.

You need to get a record of all your dental history or medical history in writing. You will also have to include a list of medications you currently take.
Oral Cancer Screening will be thoroughly performed both digitally and visually. You will be checked of lymph nodes, insides of the cheeks and mouth, and tongue.
The occlusal examination is also in order to know if you have worn teeth, jaw problems like TMJ, or bite problems like crossbite, overbite, and underbite.
You will also undergo periodontal exam including screening and even an assessment of the gums. This is essential to see if you have signs of gum or periodontal disease
Also, your dentist will also meticulously check every tooth to identify cavities. Your dentist will also examine your previous dental treatment, restorations, and current status for each tooth. The exam also aims to see any missing, cracked, or chipped teeth, as well as identifying the issues the dentist will have to perform.
Multiple Diagnostic X-rays will also provide a complete view of the teeth as well as your bones’ condition.

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Burlington Dental Centre’s standards are founded on the best practices accessible in the industry of industry today. That offers us the edge we need to offer the care you truly deserve. Treatment planning for each aspect of your dental program is a combined effort. It involves effort between you and our skilled dental team.

Dr Raghda Abusultan

Dr Raghda Abusultan


Dr Raghda Abusultan is a graduate of the National Examination Board of Canada and a member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. She has been practicing dentistry in the Kitchener and Waterloo area.

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People should have a complete oral examination once in every 5 to 10 years, but this can vary based on a person’s situation. Going through a dental investigation gives you the advantage of knowing if there is a dental issue that you have to address, and correct it to prevent further damage.

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