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Our options for oral care have expanded through the years. Like most individuals, you are probably confused on what to do with when you’re missing a tooth or more. According to the ADA or American Dental Association, adults aged from 20 to 64 years old have missing teeth or an average of 3 to 7 decayed teeth already.


Don’t worry because you can still confidently smile as you have some options now to replace missing teeth. These include implants, dentures, flipper, and the most preferred choice- dental bridges.

They provide excellent results aesthetic-wise
They last a long time before the next replacement
Saves you money compared to dental implants
They are secured in place unlike dentures
They look and feel almost the same with natural teeth.
Straightforward Procedure
You can also brush and floss for easy maintenance
Quick dental solution alternative to surgery

You have four types of dental bridges you can choose from upon your dentist’s recommendation.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

This implant-supported bridge may be used if you have two or more missing teeth to replace. Dental implants support the bridges instead of frameworks or crowns which make it very comfortable and secure to wear. You might feel like it’s just your old natural teeth being placed in there. Placement of this type takes two procedures and about 4 to 5 months to complete. The best thing about this is dentists can close those awkward gaps in smiles.

Traditional Dental Bridges

This is the most common and most preferred type of dental bridges. The bridges consisting of one or two fake teeth called “pontics” are held securely in place by using dental crowns or “abutments.” These abutments are cemented into your teeth next to the missing tooth or teeth. One advantage of traditional dental bridges is you can use it to fill in the gap between two natural teeth. It can also be used to replace missing molars.

Maryland Dental Bridges

The Maryland dental bridges are quite the conservative alternative compared to traditional dental bridges. The pontic included in these bridges is secured by using porcelain or metal framework. The framework is then bonded at the back of two natural teeth next to your missing tooth. Adjacent teeth need not be filled anymore since the bridge is not secured in place using crowns.

Cantilever Dental Bridges

This is another option when you want to replace your missing tooth or teeth. It is similar to traditional dental bridges except cantilever bridges support the pontic with an abutment on one side alone instead of both sides. Your dentist can still secure a bridge even if you only got a natural tooth after the gap.

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Dr Raghda Abusultan

Dr Raghda Abusultan


Dr Raghda Abusultan is a graduate of the National Examination Board of Canada and a member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. She has been practicing dentistry in the Kitchener and Waterloo area.

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People must give oral health a great deal of importance because there is no substitute for natural teeth.

However, you can have the next best thing closest to the real one through dental bridges. You have several options to choose from, and you can discuss it with your dentist so you can get the most appropriate solution for your dental problem.

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