Dental Extractions

Natural teeth are perfect for chewing, biting and keeping good mouth and jawbone structure. That is why the priority of your dentist is to help preserve, save and fix your natural teeth. However, often, tooth extraction is unpreventable.

The dentist at your Burlington Dental Centre will ensure you are at ease before, during and after your extraction process. It includes walking you through each step of the tooth extraction and the use of local anesthetics.

Dental Extractions

Your dentist may identify that you require a tooth extraction for one or a few reasons. It might be:

Advanced periodontal disease
The tooth has broken that it can’t be repaired
Several decays
The Process of Dental Extraction
Simple Extractions
At the period of extraction, your dentist will numb your gums, jawbone, tooth and surround the area along with local anesthetics. Throughout the extraction procedure, you’ll feel a lot of pressure. That’s because your tooth socket is widened before removal.

Although you’ll feel pressure, you won’t feel pain, as the anesthetic numbs your pain-transmitting nerves. If you feel pain ant any period during the process, make sure to let your dentist immediately.

Simple extractions are done under a local anesthetic. It uses special dental instruments and tools to get rid of the tooth from its socket. Our dentists at Burlington Dental Centre will perform everything we can to guarantee you feel just minimal discomfort throughout the process.

Surgical Extraction
Is your problem tooth in a complicated situation? Worry no more as our dentist might recommend a surgical extraction. Normally, our caring dentists are obliged to make an incision in the gum and get rid of the tooth.
Wisdom Teeth
Also called as third molars, wisdom teeth are often extracted either after or before they erupt. That typically occurs in late teens or early twenties. Impacted wisdom teeth are teeth which are stuck in the jaw and cannot erupt appropriately.

They ought to be removed when they cause pain or decayed. Several wisdom teeth are congested by other teeth. Sometimes there might be no space for them to erupt. That irritate your gum, causing you swelling and pain.

Does this sound scary to you? There’s no need to worry. Burlington Dental Centre has an array of sedation options to lessen your discomfort and pain.

Taking Care of Your Mouth After Extraction

Caring for your mouth after an extraction procedure is crucial. Your dentist will outline how you must care for the region of the extraction. It’s also vital to let your mouth enough time to heal. That will prevent you from activities like drinking through a straw, smoking, or eating foods which may aggravate the area.

If you encounter any complications, such as excessive swelling, ensure to contact your dentist immediately. Our dentists here at Burlington Dental Centre will suggest you some pain medication if needed. While you care for your other teeth as normal, you must be cautious not to clean your teeth next to the extraction.

Our Standards

Burlington Dental Centre’s standards are founded on the best practices accessible in the industry of industry today. That offers us the edge we need to offer the care you truly deserve. Treatment planning for each aspect of your dental program is a combined effort. It involves effort between you and our skilled dental team.

Dr Raghda Abusultan

Dr Raghda Abusultan


Dr Raghda Abusultan is a graduate of the National Examination Board of Canada and a member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. She has been practicing dentistry in the Kitchener and Waterloo area.

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