Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are one of the most significant inventions of contemporary dentistry. A dental sealant is a thin coating applied to molars and premolars. The smooth seal is applied over the deep grooves in the chewing surface of your teeth.

The sealant is made of resin-based or plastic material. It’s either clear or white, so no one can recognize you have sealant on your teeth. In fact, these are very thin you won’t feel any difference in your mouth, either.

How Are Dental Sealants Applied?

The procedure of dental sealants is fast and painless. First, the dentist will clean off your teeth where the sealant will be applied. After your teeth have been dried off, the dentist will put a low-acidic solution on your teeth. That will aid the sealant to attach to them.

After that comes the application of the tooth sealant. Your dental hygienist or dentist will paint a thin layer of sealant over every tooth being treated that will attach with the tooth enamel.

It is crucial to get the sealant application dried immediately, particularly with kids. That’s because they are more likely to squirm after several minutes in the chair. With Burlington Dental Centre, we utilize a curing light which speeds up the drying stage. It normally takes less than a minute.

Furthermore, the sealant hardens and creates a protective barrier between bacteria and teeth. The entire dental sealants process lasts several minutes. It takes less time than obtaining a filling.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?
Dental sealants take a few minutes to be applied. However, they can last for approximately ten years, and slightly more in other cases.
Throughout your regular dental checkup, we’ll check your sealants for wear or chips. For instance, if you are experiencing grinding of the teeth, or bruxism, your sealants might wear down faster than ten years.
Keep in mind; sealants might need to be changed if they experience large chips. Repairs do not take long though, but a lot of people outgrow their sealants. They might get them as children but let them lapse after becoming adults.
Cavity Protection & Dental Sealant: Is There a Connection?

A lot of patients in our area wish to understand if sealants can avoid tooth decay. If they consider getting sealants for their children, they wish to guarantee this process will aid in cavity prevention.

Tooth decay is a critical issue among kids because of how their teeth grow. After they get their first molars, they develop fissures and pits on such teeth. It’s difficult for toothbrushes to reach such deep crevices. Bacteria might grow inside them as they can’t be cleaned sufficiently.

Several things also contribute to a high chance of tooth decay among kids. These are:

  • Drinking bottled water that doesn’t have fluoride to safeguard against tooth decay
  • Poor tooth brushing as the kid takes over this responsibility from a parent
  • Frequent eating of sugary drinks and foods

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Burlington Dental Centre’s standards are founded on the best practices accessible in the industry of industry today. That offers us the edge we need to offer the care you truly deserve. Treatment planning for each aspect of your dental program is a combined effort. It involves effort between you and our skilled dental team.

Dr Raghda Abusultan

Dr Raghda Abusultan


Dr Raghda Abusultan is a graduate of the National Examination Board of Canada and a member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. She has been practicing dentistry in the Kitchener and Waterloo area.

Sealants are a perfect way to avoid cavities. According to the American Dental Association, adding a sealant to a tooth can lessen the incidence of cavities by 86% within the first year. Over a 4-year period, the chance of cavities declines by 58%. Over a full decade, the success rate grows to up to 90%. That is a strong argument for getting dental sealants.

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