Night Guards

Why Wearing of Night guards is Beneficial

Do you know you can still protect your teeth while sleeping? Some individuals wear night guards for some reasons, teeth protection being the most common. People of all ages suffer from bruxism when asleep and without these protections; your teeth are susceptible to wearing down caused by constant and uncontrollable clenching or grinding. Aside from bruxism, wearing a night guard also works well when:

Performing Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)
Reducing jaw pain
It stops jaw from popping and clicking
It stops jaw from locking
You may not realize how much night guards can help you. By using them consistently, these are some of the significant benefits.
Night Guards Prevent Headaches
Temporomandibular Disorders or TMD comes with a number of discomforts including a headache. Fortunately, wearing a night guard can make a huge difference to daily pains and aches. It happens to be such a big surprise for some consistent night guard users to experience fewer to no pain or temporal headaches.
Night Guards Protect You against Tension and Pain
Night guards are customized to fit your teeth. These are lightweight, practical, and comfortable that is designed to reduce the tension and pain of the jaws’ muscles and joints when they are placed. Your teeth are protected when there is a guard that reduces the daily wear and tear.
Night Guards Prevent Damage on Tooth
At night when you sleep, you unconsciously grind your teeth and clench your jaw leading to your teeth chipping, damaging fillings, and wearing your teeth and its enamels excessively. You can safeguard your comfort and teeth by wearing one consistently.
Night Guards improve Sleep Quality and Patterns
The lack of comfort at night is what causes discomfort leading to uncomfortable and sleepless nights. When you wear night guards consistently, all the pains and stress are reduced to almost none. The role of night guards is to facilitate the relaxation of your jaw muscles. As a result of continued use, you can again enjoy a good quality of sleep, and your sleeping pattern is back to normal again despite having TMD.
Night Guards Prevents Snoring
As if grinding and clenching of your jaw and teeth at night are not causing sleepless nights. Well, it is already an inconvenience not just to you but also to the person sleeping beside you. Snoring can also aggravate that situation. Since night guards are designed uniquely, the small space in between your jaws can increase the air you take, which then improves your breathing effectively.
Night Guards Saves you Money
Prevention is better than cure, or in the case of damaged teeth, restoration is the key. However, dental treatments to restore your teeth’s functional and aesthetic purposes can be costly. Wearing night guards protect your teeth from slow deterioration due to constant clenching of the jaw and grinding of your teeth as the years go by. But if you start wearing night guards, in the long run, it saves you a significant amount of money for restoration treatments.

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Dr Raghda Abusultan

Dr Raghda Abusultan


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