If you hate wires or braces to get rid of the problem of crooked or missing teeth that can easily ruin your personality, you will be happy with our treatment called Invisalign. This dental device used by Burlington Dental Centre is almost invisible and treats your problems. If you are experiencing problems like crooked teeth or gap between teeth but do not like the idea of a brace or wire around your denture, you are most welcome to Invisalign Dentist in Burlington Ontario. You will find that our technique called Invisalign clear aligners make no change to your appearance and you are not required to visit our clinic frequently to hamper with your busy schedule.

Dr. Raghda AbuSultan has mastered the technique of Invisalign Clear Aligners. She fits the device inside the mouth of the patient in an easy manner to leave the patient with a good experience. Before resorting to Invisalign clear aligners, every patient’s oral health is examined closely to make sure that he is a good candidate for this dental procedure. Positioning of the teeth of the patient is analyzed through 3D programming and a new one given that gives a more attractive smile and personality to them. Several sets of Invisalign clear aligners are prepared and the patient is made to wear the next advanced set after two weeks of use of the previous set. The patient finds that his teeth have started to move in the desired position because of the use of these aligners and he finally reaches the desired goal of a happy, impressive smile. Once the desired position of teeth is achieved, the patient is made to wear retainers that set his teeth in the new positions permanently.

What goes with Invisalign Treatment?

All patients undergoing Invisalign treatment are examined every 1-2 months to see the progress of their condition. Custom treatment is carried out according to the condition and requirement of the patient and nearly all of them achieve desired results in just 9-15 months.

The patient is asked to keep wearing his Invisalign aligners 24 hours a day, even when he is sleeping. It is only when eating that these aligners have to be removed. Patient has to brush teeth and floss regularly. He needs to rinse the aligners every time they are put back inside the mouth. It is natural for the patient to experience some pressure on teeth when wearing these aligners as they are meant to achieve repositioning of teeth. However, patient needs to tell us if this pain becomes unbearable.

Patients are happy with Invisalign because no one is able to see this device. If you are interested, please call at (905) 637-3777 or make an appointment online with our dentists.