Activated charcoal has gained a lot of traction in recent times. Many experts and You Tubers can be seen describing the wonderful whitening properties of this powder. All you have to do is to apply activated charcoal on your toothbrush, brush your teeth, and rinse your mouth after a few seconds. In many cases, this powder whitens teeth after just one application. However, you should beware of this whitening trick as activated charcoal is not safe to brush your teeth with. It can create more trouble for the user.

Why activated charcoal is unsafe for you

If you feel activated charcoal through your fingers, you will find it very abrasive (just like sand on the beaches). This powder achieves whitening by polishing the enamel and removing stains on it. But can you apply sand on your teeth just to whiten your teeth as it can also achieve the same results for you? What you do not realize is that this abrasive powder damages the layer of enamel on your teeth. If you continue with activated charcoal for some time, it will wreak havoc with this enamel and create an oral health problem that can prove like a nightmare for you. It is certainly not what you would like to bargain for the whitening of your teeth.

Not only will the frequent application of activated charcoal on your teeth make you lose enamel, but it will also expose dentin and result in heightened sensitivity for your teeth. Your teeth will start to look yellow because of the loss of enamel and exposure of the dentin. You will require costly dental procedures like dental crowns and porcelain veneers to overcome yellowing of your teeth.

To tell you the truth, activated charcoal can only achieve temporary whitening. But the dame it does to your teeth is permanent and it becomes visible after some time. The perfect white smile you are dreaming of will come at a cost that you will not be able to bear.

This is just the beginning of more troubles coming your way. Loss of enamel will lead to tooth decay and increased risk of infections. You can develop oral diseases requiring root canal therapy or extraction of your teeth altogether. These are the reasons why temporarily whitening your teeth with activated charcoal is simply not worth it. You can obtain better results with the help of a high-quality toothpaste.

Are there any safe ways to whiten your teeth?

The best way to whiten teeth is to stop the intake of food items like caffeine, tobacco products, and carbonated soft drinks. Also, you should develop a habit to clean your teeth after eating a meal or consuming a drink. Brushing teeth with good quality toothpaste regularly is the best way to prevent staining of your teeth. Also, rinse your mouth with water many times a day to remove food particles from inside your mouth.

If you develop stains or yellowing of your teeth despite all your care and prevention, you can get help from Dr. Raghda Abu Sultan to get back white teeth once again. We help our patients in getting rid of stains and yellowing through safe and highly effective dental procedures. We also provide treatments that patients can take with them to use at home. You can expect safe and highly reliable care for your oral health and teeth whitening that you have always desired for yourself.

We recommend the use of safe whitening products instead of activated charcoal. You can apply baking soda or essential oils on your teeth but you should stay away from activated charcoal. These substances will whiten your teeth but not cause any damage to your teeth. Of course, the best and most effective way to obtain perfect white teeth is to get a professional treatment done on your teeth by the specialists.

Dr. Raghda Abu Sultan has the skills and the experience to help you in getting whiten teeth without any damage to your enamel. Call us today at (905) 637-3777 to book an appointment.