In the dental industry, there has been an argument regarding the possible superiority of electric toothbrush over a manual toothbrush. While there is a strong opinion on both sides, there are clear disparities between the two kinds of brushes which may make one preferable for certain uses. To the type of toothbrush that may appeal to you, consider this helpful comparison.

Electric toothbrush


  • Built-in timer

According to experts, brushing your teeth should last at least two minutes. An electric toothbrush is pretty useful because they come with a timer that helps you brush your teeth for the correct amount of time. A manual toothbrush doesn’t have that feature, but you can still time yourself and ensure you have divided each minute for each jaw.

  • Pressure sensors

A state of the art electric toothbrush comes equipped with a pressure sensor. By checking for uneven pressure on your teeth and gums, those advanced brushes help stop tooth damage and gum bleeding.

  • The Best Solution for Dexterity

If you are suffering from a condition affecting your motor skills like rheumatism or arthritis, an electric toothbrush can be very helpful. In just one click of a button, you can brush your teeth easily.


These are the flaws you must keep in mind

  • Not Ideal for Kids

For kids, it is strictly prohibited to use this kind of toothbrush. Plus, dental experts warn that using an electric toothbrush from a very young age might hinder with motor skills development which is needed for manual brushing.

  • Risky for Sensitive Teeth

An electric toothbrush may expose sensitive root, as it wears away the protective layer of your tooth enamel. This might result in painful and fatal consequences. People are likely to brush fast and too hard, which cause damage to tooth enamel and may also lead to bleeding gums.

  • Inconvenience

An electric toothbrush is not ideal for busy people or those who travel most often as you need to charge from time to time. This type of toothbrush comes in a plastic box, and so it takes up more space in your bag.

  • Price

An electric toothbrush is very expensive. If you would like to buy a toothbrush with state of the art features, then you need to pay extra. You also need to buy battery and head replacements, which are expensive as well.

Manual toothbrush

Flaws of Manual Toothbrush you need to keep in mind:

  • Consistent Replacement

If you are using a low-priced or low-quality manual toothbrush, the bristles may become flawed or may fall faster. Thus, you need to buy a replacement. As a whole, toothbrush must be replaced every three to four months, while with an electric toothbrush you just need to replace the battery and head.

  • No timer

Because it doesn’t have time, you have to guess the appropriate number of time you brush your teeth.

Pros of Manual Toothbrush

  • Universal Application

A manual toothbrush is proven to be appropriate for all ages. Kids or adults, everyone can utilize it at minimal danger. It also teaches little one’s hand coordination as well as self-awareness.

  • Assortment

Another debate in favor of this type of toothbrush is the wider assortment compared to the powered one. As a user, you can select from small, medium or big heads with soft or hard bristles in different colors.

  • Price

This is where a manual toothbrush stands out against an electric toothbrush. The cost of a manual toothbrush is lower and can be purchased in almost every store.

  • Control and Flexibility

A lot of people choose to stick to a manual toothbrush because they are in control of the vibrations, movement, and speed of the tool, which guarantees them that they have reached all parts of their mouth. Manual brushes also offer a greater capability to alter pressure around sensitive parts.


This is vital to everyone, most especially people on the go. With the small size standard toothbrush takes up less space, therefore is easier to pack. No need to worry about charging as well.

So, what is the Best Manual or Electric Toothbrush?

To conclude, the choice between electric and manual toothbrush comes down to your personal preference as both can clean your teeth. But, according to expert, it is not the toothbrush; it will depend mainly on the brusher. So, meaning it all depends on the brushing method and your consistency whether you’ll sustain good dental hygiene or not and will make your smile to stand out.

If you have questions regarding anything discussed above or would like to discuss your dental needs for an upcoming trip, we encourage you to get in touch with us.