To maintain your overall health, you must be responsible for your dental health. Proper flossing is necessary to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. With proper flossing, you can remove food particles and plaque between the spaces of your teeth and your gum line that brushing can’t reach. Even more important, you can also avoid the periodontal disease that can be caused by poor oral hygiene.

With this, you must learn how to do it properly. The following ideas will show you how.

Step 1

Break off approximately 18 inches of floss and wind it around your middle fingers of each hand. Leave it about five inches between your hands.

Step 2

Pinch the floss in the middle of your index finger and thumb on each hand leaving it with one inch in between.

Step 3

Mildly guide the floss down in the middle of all the teeth with the use of a mild sawing motion. Then, pull the floss in a “C shape” around the whole side of the tooth and slide it under your gum line. Using an up and down motion, clean the entire surface of the side of your tooth. Make sure that the floss will not snap into your gums.

Step 4

Pull the floss from in between your teeth. When you move to the next tooth, unroll the clean floss from one finger and wind the other floss to your other finger. Then, floss every tooth with the use of a clean and safe section of floss. Gradually work your way around your mouth and clean both sides of every tooth.

After you finish flossing, throw the floss away. Recycling floss for further use is not advisable as it may leave germs and bacteria behind your teeth and mouth.

By simply following the proper flossing techniques above, you can always expect to have a beautiful and sparkling smile that you want to have. It can also help you to boost your self-esteem while smiling in front of other people.

Meanwhile, to make the most of your smile, the following are some additional flossing tips that can help you to achieve a sparkling and confident smile.

Flossing Tips

  • Use a pattern when flossing. Begin at the back upper surface of your right tooth and move to the upper left side. Next, go to the surface of your back low right tooth and move it around to the back of the low left side.
  • Create a routine.
  • Exercise and advance your strategy.
  • Stop wrapping the floss too firmly around your fingers.
  • Always remember to rinse your mouth carefully every after flossing. It will help to remove the loosened food particles.
  • When the floss tears or catches, it is better to try a different brand of floss. Either waxed or unwaxed, you are free to choose the brand of floss that will correspond to your needs.
  • When your teeth are too tight to floss, you can seek the advice of a reliable and professional dentist.
  • If you are starting to floss, your gums are more likely to bleed. However, once you floss on a regular basis, the bleeding will surely stop. In some cases, if the bleeding doesn’t stop, see your dentist, immediately.

Follow these flossing tips, and you can smile about the confidence that you can get or restore. More importantly, flossing can also help you to avoid gum disease that is also detrimental to your all-around health.

What Tools Do You Need for Excellent Flossing?

Selecting the best toothbrush is important for your dental health. Moreover, selecting the right kind of floss is also essential. With this, you must be careful in choosing the brand of your floss to make the most of your flossing techniques.

To maintain a healthy mouth and teeth, take flossing at least once a day. It is natural that most of the people don’t know how to floss properly. Fortunately, the guide above will help them to learn the proper way of flossing.

For effective flossing, choose the brand that passed and was evaluated for its effectiveness and safety. With proper brushing and flossing, you can have the big smile that can increase your confidence.     Don’t hide your smile. Your smile can help to lighten up the day of others, so be confident.